Alternative Training

Alternative training area includes weighted (medicine) balls, kettle-bells, tires, tire flip lane, ropes, stairs and circuit areas.


You've seen MMA fighters do it. You've seen pro athletes do it.

Alternative and unconventional training techniques are the hottest trend in the fitness industry and we've got 'em. If you're not challenged enough by conventional fitness methods, and you want to push your limits, or just want to try something new, this is for you.

The idea behind alternative and unconventional training is not just to relieve the boredom or confines of traditional fitness methods, but to put your body and mind through a type of workout that encompasses the entire muscular and cardiovascular system for every phase, on every circuit. Alternative training utilizes various training concepts. One concept is "muscle confusion". You see greater gains in how you look and feel when you change up your workout routine and incorporate unconventional exercies to "confuse' the muscle. Another method is called HIT - High Intensity Training - You hit the exercises hard for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute , resting 30 seconds and moving from exercise to exercise.

We offer alternative training classes in Bootcamp and HIT (High Intensity Training). Check out our CLASS SCHEDULE

Classes are included for Standard Plus & Gold Members.


  • 45 yard indoor track
  • Platforms
  • Tires
  • KettleBells from 5-100 pounds.
  • Iron Plates, Rubber Plates & Bumper Plates
  • Battling Ropes
  • Tractor Tires
  • Rings
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Logs
  • Hurdles & Plyometrics


We staff great, experienced and certified alternative trainers for one on one training. Contact us for more information.


Let's start with the tire flip. First of all, the tires are big, heavy, and cumbersome. Therein lies the challenge. You need to squat and get your hands under the tire, then lift and explode upward with control and enough force to flip the tire end to end, 180 degrees. Now do that about 19 more times down the tire lane, rest 30 seconds, now do the whole thing back the other way. Rest and repeat. Think squat, clean and jerk, snatch, shoulder press, bench press, bicep curl, tricep extension... all in one exercise.

Next station. Grab a medicine ball, squat and lean your back against the wall. Now twist at the waist and whack the ball against the wall to one side, twist back and whack the ball on the wall on the other side. Repeat, repeat, repeat for another minute or so. Got the idea?

Alternative training methods including core training, MMA training, Cross Training, HIT, Bootcamp and the Spartan ("300") Workout are featured and available to all members. Contact us to learn more...


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